Filter Bolts and Solvent Trappers

***DUE to HEAVY demand, be advised ship times will be 10-12 business days to ship. Filter Bolts are the best cleaning accessory for your firearms that you can ever own. This device is a MUST HAVE for every center fire rifle owner. The Filter Bolt is an adapter that screws onto the threads of your gun at one end and on the other end you bolt on a filter or catchment tube to catch the cleaning solvent when cleaning your gun from the breech, hence the name Filter Bolt. While these devices are intended to help you clean your weapon with little to no mess (thereby keeping mama happy,) their use is only limited by your imagination.

Our parts come with a NO BS guarantee! If for any reason you damage the threads on our parts, send it to us and we'll fix the threads or we'll replace it.

All NFA rules apply.

*While this part bears a striking resemblance to the Solvent Trap it is not a Solvent Trap. In our humble opinion the Filter Bolt is superior to the Solvent Trap. The term, solvent trap, is the registered trademark of the Cadiz Gunworks and at no place on this entire website do we claim ownership to that term.