16 gauge number 6 shot, case of 250


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Our sister company made a BUNCH of 16 gauge number 6 shotshells.   They used Fiocchi hulls, Trap Commander wads and Alliant  powder.  They also used Peruvian shot.  Therein lay the problem.  When they cut one open they noticed a few larger shot mixed in with the number 6.  They don’t want to get complaints from a horrifically poor shot that those 4 or 5 bigger pellets are to blame for their missing that pheasant.  They passed these rounds off to us at pretty much their cost.  We are selling by the case only, at a STEEP discount to you.  In the additional images you can see there were 2 number 4 pellets and a single number 5 in the sample we photographed.     We offer a flat $16.00 flat shipping cost on our ammo.  Buy one case?  $16.00.  Buy 5?  Same $16.00


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