.223 Incendiary Tracer Firestorm



Our .223 Firestorm is useable in both 5.56MM X 45MM AND .223!  the image is of our .22LR firestorm and the .223 Firestorm has TWICE the payload.  The tracer is a standard M855 tracer that we bore a cavity in the nose with a lathe then add our special sauce in the nose.  The tracer lights red at about 75-100 yards and will burn to about 600 yards.  The incendiary element will ignite when it hits a hard surface like steel plate, rocks, car door, etc.  it will NOT light if it hits a tree or flesh.   This item is illegal in:  FL, IA, CA, IL and MA.  It is also illegal in DC and the 5 boroughs of NYC.   By purchasing you acknowledge you may legally posses this item in your jurisdiction and are of legal age to buy/possess.


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