12 GAUGE SMOKE, 2 3/4″ 5 rounds


Our 12 gauge smoke round is GREAT for marking locations up to 300 yards away.  While the round needs to be fired through a cylinder bore the muzzle velocity of nearly 500 FPS gives you plenty of reach.  Our patented ‘NOSE FORWARD,’ technology keeps the round from tumbling in flight. You can count on about 10 seconds of smoke output like the output pictured in the image and about 6 seconds of light smoke.  When you aim your shotgun near vertical you can have a good smoke trail 500 feet up and back down, making it a good emergency signal round. Multiple rounds can be used to obscure the vision of an opponent.  As with all pyrotechnics this round does present a fire hazard so don’t use indoors.  Vacuum packed for long term storage.  Once the seal is broken the rounds should be used within 6 months to maintain freshness.

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