20 rounds, 5.7×28 Firestorm (incendiary)



Paraklese Technologies is at it again.  The federally licensed ammunition manufacturer is the ONLY licensed manufacturer in the nation that is making 5.7*28 incendiary ammunition.  The discriminating shooter now has incendiaries for their favorite toy. they perform much like a hollowpoint when they hit a soft target but man oh man you have to see it to believe it when it hits a hard target like steel or a concrete block. 36 grain projectile clocks at nearly 2,300 fps from a 16 inch barrel. Of course the flash is much more pronounced in low light conditions. What you are buying is 20 rounds of firestorm ammo. by purchasing you certify you may legally own this product in your city and state. It is YOUR responsibility to know your local laws. physical appearance may not be exactly as shown.

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